Chelsea v Leicester, Newcastle v Swansea and more – live!

Updates from the Premier League, Championship and beyondVAR fails football test in more ways than we could have imaginedAnd feel free to mail Barry or tweet @bglendenning 1.25pm GMT Stoke City manager update: Quique Sanchez Flores has turned down the offer to manage Stoke City. The former Watford, Valencia and Atletico Madrid boss has decided to stay on at La Liga side Espanyol.“I have everything here that I need,” he told reporters in Barcelona this lunchtime ahead of his side’s match against Athletic Bilbao tomorrow. “I am and will be the manager of Espanyol. I belong to Espanyol. I have a contract and I am honest with the club. I am absolutely happy with my situation, I do not have to explain anything else. There is nothing to tell. Football brings up these kind of situations where clubs ask... here at Espanyol it is difficult to move someone. We feel happy. We are in a happy place and we don’t want to break that up.” 1.17pm GMT Continue reading... ...
6 Published By - Network Front | The Guardian - 2018.01.13. 14:28
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