NFC divisional playoff: Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles – live!

Matt Ryan aims to lead team to second Super Bowl in two yearsPhilly hope to continue success despite loss of Carson WentzEmail or tweet @DJGalloEtc 9.14pm GMT While much of the talk entering this game has been about Foles and how much he hurts the Eagles’ chances, the Falcons have been peaking. Since the start of December, they’ve played six games and - five against playoff teams - and went 4-2 with wins over the Saints, Panthers and Rams. Philadelphia would probably be favored if Wentz was healthy, but not be much. 9.09pm GMT If you’re looking for in-depth football analysis, this specific item is not that. A zookeeper at the Philadelphia Zoo says an eagle would defeat a falcon in a fight. Via The 700 Level: “The eagles probably have the advantage over the falcons due to their size and power. The falcons are very fast and very agile but I would say the eagles definitely have that advantage,” Skochinsky said. Continue reading... ...
5 Published By - Network Front | The Guardian - 2018.01.13. 22:14
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