The week in radio and podcasts: Papa, We’re in Syria; The Cameron Years

Radio Atlas turns up more foreign language audio gems, while Steve Richards unpicks David Cameron’s reign as PMPapa, We’re in Syria | Radio AtlasThe Cameron Years (BBC Radio 4) | iPlayerRadio Atlas is the intriguing podcast strand curated by producer extraordinaire Eleanor McDowall. I’ve written about it before, but just to recap: McDowall finds excellent audio (documentaries, soundscapes, interviews) from places where English is not the spoken language. She adds a simple translation, which pops up onscreen as you listen. And that’s it. The wonder of the podcast is its unexpectedness. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you press play. Continue reading... ...
7 Published By - Network Front | The Guardian - 2018.01.14. 08:00
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